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Frequently Asked Questions

Monogram Traditions

Monogramming began with royalty as a sign of wealth and prestige.

Today we monogram items to create family heirlooms and special gifts for friends and family

  • A traditional monogram has the last initial in the middle and is larger, first initial on the left and the middle initial on the right. For example Mary Sue Rivers would be: MRS
  • A monogram for a married couple: the last name initial in the middle and is larger, the woman's initial to the left and the man's initial to the right. Mary and William Rivers would be: MRW
  • Be careful...not all letters look good in a monogram!
  • When using the other fonts it is possible to have all initials the same size and placed in the order of first, middle, last.
  • If you supply the recipient's full name as personalization text, we will check and adjust your monogram to be  certain that the initials are in the proper order for traditional monogramming (the enlarged center initial should represent the recipient's last name).
Q.  How long will my order take? We make every attempt to ship many orders with in 72 hours or even sooner!  Sometimes an item will even ship the day it is received.   We do ask that you allow  up to 12-14 days for processing even though most orders are shipped MUCH sooner - Please email if you have any questions.


Q.  Is personalization an EXTRA charge?

NEVER!  As long as you stay within the suggested guidelines and suggested stitch counts - no extra charges are added to make the item "your very own!"  Not Sure? EMAIL US 


Q.  How much discount will I receive if I don't want my item personalized? Our policy is not to discount.  We try to keep our items reasonable and in stock and text personalization included.   BUT - the shipping is still included and that is lightning fast without personalization so your items will usually arrive in only a couple days (pending stock).  


Q.  Am I limited by design size or stitches? Yes - certain items may have design size or stitch counts indicated.  Where not stipulated specifically, stitch counts are  limited to approx 12,000 count.  Stitches over 12,000 may still be ordered at a cost of $1.30 per thousand stitches.  We will be happy to advise you if the design is suitable for your chosen gift item.


Q. How do you send my order? Your order is placed in a poly bag before being placed in a corrugated box or opaque tough poly bag for shipping.


Q.  Can you ship to another person?

Yes we can ship to an address different from you.  If you request a receipt - all invoices are issued by email - so you will NEVER accidentally have pricing information in the package.    Because we are a gift  site, we never include pricing in the package.


Q.  How will my order be shipped? We ship most orders by 1st Class Mail/Priority to insure quick delivery.  All orders are shipped with delivery confirmation and all packages are insured.  We also use UPS for some ground services.  Products are shipped from Florida. You can request a shipping upgrade if you would like your item to arrive faster, but this does not mean we can process the order any sooner, it purely means the transit time will be reduced....BUT we  do make every effort to move your order into production as quickly as possible.  Since shipping is included - we reserve the right to choose the quickest, most economical method of shipping.
Q.  Do you accept international orders? Unfortunately, due to some unscrupulous individuals, we can no longer entertain orders from countries other than USA and Canada. 

If you are gifting/shipping from the US, International orders will have additional shipping charges calculated at the time of shipment - email us if you need an estimate

Q.  May I include a message? Yes.  We will include greeting at no additional charge - please use care entering your message - it is relayed exactly as you type it!. 
Q.  My item is a gift - Will you wrap it? We do not provide gift wrapping services at this time
Q.  Can my order/shipping be expedited?

We will make every attempt to fill and ship orders within 5 business days of receipt (excepting holiday periods when ordering is heavy).  If you request expedited service - shipping charges will apply

Q.  What is your return policy if  I don't like my item? We cannot accept returns on personalized items.  Our items are handpicked for quality and production - Our customer's have generally been delighted with our items and we make every reasonable effort to solve problems as they arise.
Q.  More on returns .....


IF after receiving your order - you need to contact us for any reason concerning that - please do so within a reasonable length of time which we deem to be within 7 days  after receipt of your order.


Q.  Will I be charged Sales Tax? If you live in the state of Florida you will be charged applicable sales tax on your final invoice.

Q.  Will I (or why do I) see stabilizer on the reverse side of my personalized   item?


On many items - "yes" you will see the cutaway stabilizer that we use.  We have over the years witnessed the difference between a well stabilized embroidery vs alternate  stabilizers used by some embroiderers.  We do trim to within a 1/4" around the design when the cutaway is used - so the visual impact is minimal.

Simply put - the embroidery will be more stable, better aligned and much less or no puckering.  This is important especially as your item is used and washed.


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